Who We Are

We keep hearing this is the “Year of the Woman”! Well, if this is the year of the woman, next year will be the “Year of the Mother” and we are READY! Every day we wake up to the new birth of a mommy group in our city – it’s exciting to see women, mothers and families gathering and supporting one another. But, I also feel that we have so many groups and so many different messages – it gets a little overwhelming or confusing on what group or organization we should be apart of. Every day we get invited to new speaking series about work-life balance bull or how to boost your social media but we need to dig deeper than this. We need to push our community to the next level.

This is our cry for “collaboration”. If we are able to combine our commonalities, work together as a niche community for the same purpose…we will be a force that is unstoppable. This is why we needed to launch a platform for all our ideas, groups and initiative to benefit from.

There are tons of member-only mom groups out there that are wonderful and have helped pave the way to where we are today. But one common denominator is that they have structured these communities or “tribes” as they like to call them as business entities. So they have a headquarters in New York or across the country and they set-up amazing events and fly in speakers to our city and get us all inspired BUT then they fly back home and we don’t get together or hear from them until the next speaking series or conference. So we gathered a group of bad-ass women from all walks of life: corporate, entrepreneur STAHM (stay-at-home-moms), and we talked through what we need as community to thrive to keep each other accountable and to have genuine touches within our community for a common goal. We combine a chamber of commerce mentality mixed in with the authenticity and flair of a members-only tribe.

WE ARE BOSS MOM is the platform for working moms to thrive. A creative incubator for mothers who work, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate employees all coming together for a common purpose—workforce development for mothers. We’re a hub of inspiration for women who are looking to dream big and make an impact. 

We are creating an open and inspiring place to gather, experiment, and foster connections from a wide-range of disciplines that share a common desire to drive innovation and support working families. Bridging the gap between Corporate America and the Motherhood workforce is our main mission. We are becoming more prevalent in the landscape of modern parenting and setting the standard for the ultimate modern family. By providing opportunities for both organizations to thrive and mothers to contribute to the overall vision of how we rewrite the modern workplace. We’re a movement for a new generation of mothers who are redefining the meaning of work-life balance, parenting and purpose.

In this network, we want to make sure that all members have voice and a benefit from the programs, meetings and relationships we develop. We aim to empower and ignite your Boss Mom spirit. You are a Boss Mom. But together, WE ARE BOSS MOM.